About Us

 Every man needs a tailor and The Tailor Shop tailor made is part of the new wave of bespoke outfitters aiming to revive the lost art and pleasure of handmade clothing.

The tailor shop was found in 2010 by Muhammad Amin in South Africa where you can get your clothes tailored for you, for you have got to wear what fits you the best and compliments your body structure. High quality fabric and cuts of your shirt, jacket or pants will definitely demand praise from others and comfort for yourself.

Based on the need of people to seek fashion and desire to look outstanding, The tailor shop is here to design your outfits with fitting and fabric of your taste. We tend to provide certain styles which are made for different body types and distinctive patterns.

The word tailor is derived from the French word ” tailler” which means to cut. The most important thing about stitching a garment is how well it fits. At The Tailor shop our hard working employees devote themselves to cut and stitch together a unique outfit that is meant to fit perfectly on your body.
The Tailor shop takes it in their own hands to provide customers the satisfaction they are looking for in their outfits, such as modern design and cuts which will not only standout in the gathering but also make your body comfortable and feel at home.

The Tailor shop has a vast variety of fabric in enriched colors decorated with modren exquisite patterns.
Our customers’ satisfaction is our own satisfaction therefore we assiste our customers in figureing out which measurements will be best to fit their body structure. We have skilled tailors who cut out the fabric of your choice adorned with patterns of your desire. We tend to please our customers by providing them with outfits exceeding their expectations.
If there is an outfit which you have seen and want it tailored for you then The tailor shop provides its professional tailors to design and sew the outfit of your choice that are meant to attract attention.
The tailor shop exceeds in restoration of old outfits. There are outfits which have a special significance such as that of your father or grandfather and you want to keep their memories with you. The tailor shop assures the improvement of the old garment as if it were new. Our skilled tailores take utmost care to make adjustments and alterations as per requested. Fulfilling our customers wishes and their comfort is our goal.

We have skilled tailores who can make mends to your outfit if need be. Whether your outfit have been accidentally torn or you want to change the size of the outfit. With the change in the trend and fashion, you might want to make the changes in your outfits to keep up with the trend. Increase the length, decrease the length, add pockets, remove pockets, resize an outfit to fit your body or sewing from scratch,we at Tailor Shop provide you with high quality service to make the desired alterations. What you wear defines a lot about your personality. So The Tailor shop assures tailoring bespoke garments for you, which means we make outfits exactly cut for your body structure so it fits you perfectly.